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SkillShare - The Staples of Branding: From Purpose to Product
Intermediate level

About This Class

Join streetwear icon Jeff Staple as he shares first-hand experience and advice for building a brand from purpose to product - essential and tactical advice for entrepreneurs, fashion aspirants, and everyone with a dream to build their own creative product company.


A Note From Jeff Staple

I have been fortunate enough to take part in a number of successful endeavors during my career, with the most notable being Staple Design. While Staple is made up of a globally distributed apparel brand, a thriving consulting agency, and a world renowned retail outlet, this all did not happen overnight. It has taken my team and I over 15 years to build this company to where it is today but it would not have made it this far without creating a strong foundation at its inception.  

I am constantly hit up by aspiring entrepreneurs from the fashion space and beyond looking to build a brand of their own but they don’t know where to start.

With this class on Skillshare, I hope to answer these questions by addressing some of the most fundamental aspects of starting a product-based brand, but even moreso I hope to inspire everyone who has ever thought about starting something of their own to actually take action and pursue that dream.

In this class, through exclusive video content and written instruction, we will go over key lessons:

  • Refining your Brand Name and Brand Slogan
  • The Philosophical, Technical, and Legal Considerations to Logo Creation
  • Crafting a Debut Collection (Telling a Story with Your Product)
  • To learn these lessons, every student is encouraged to complete and share projects of their own with the rest of the community on the Skillshare platform. You will complete a branding project with a name, a slogan, a logo, and first collection CADs to kickoff your fashion brand.

    This class is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, both those who want to create a brand and those who already have a company in its early phases, and anyone interested in learning what it takes to build a brand from the ground up, like we have done with Staple Design. Thank you for joining us.

    - Jeff Staple



    What You'll Learn

    Introduction. Launching a fashion brand can be an exciting adventure, but there are plenty of aspects to consider in order to pull it off. Jeff launched Staple Design in 1997 and has amassed years of knowledge that can help make your brand a success. 

    Using his own experience, Jeff will show you how to find your core values, identify shortcomings in your brand design, and how to make your story accessible to the public. When should you hire a lawyer? What’s the difference between a sole proprietorship and a corporation? Do you even need a corporation? In humorous and plain language, Jeff will answer these questions and give you tips on how to go about implementing your chosen path.

    Brand Name and Mission Statement. When it comes to advertising design, “Your brand is a story you’re selling.” Jeff will help you develop that story based on your own insights and philosophy. Whether your brand is built on a specific moment or designed for the long haul, these lessons apply equally. He’ll tell you how to connect with your intended audience while still keeping a broad appeal without becoming too generic.

    Finding a good brand name can be tough, but there are a few exercises Jeff gives you that are designed to help you identify your core audience and speak directly to them. Jeff will also go over how to craft a mission statement that stays relevant and helps guide your business, especially in the beginning.

    Using a few examples, he’ll show you how successful brands position themselves based on their unique story and how you can do the same. Why is Nike’s story different from Reebok? What will a good mission statement do for your brand? Knowing these answers will help you craft a brand story that stands out and connects with your customers.

    Logo Design. A good logo is your brand name’s flag and it needs to be eye-catching while still conveying the tone of your company’s philosophy. Whether you want something in stark black and white, or popping with complementary colors, Jeff lays out his three considerations when designing a logo and a few tips to keep in mind when you start your own design. Although a few graphic design classes might teach you how to technically create a logo, Jeff shows you how to identify the underlying philosophy of your brand and use it to craft a unique image that resonates with your brand.

    Whether you want a “word mark” or an “icon”, these helpful tips will ensure that you create a logo worthy of your story. It’s about creating a logo that people can not only identify, but identify with.

    Your First Collection. When launching your first collection, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here, Jeff will give you his insight on how to assemble and launch a compelling fashion collection that will get your brand noticed. From choosing a theme to merchandising, there’s a lot to juggle. You might have a great line that looks terrible in photo shoots or vice versa, and Jeff can give you his thoughts on how to address those challenges while still maintaining your core values.

    What are the benefits of an online-only catalogue versus selling in shops? How should you set your prices? What is your distribution? All of these elements will determine how successful your first collection will be, and Jeff is here to help you make it a reality.

    SkillShare - The Staples of Branding: From Purpose to Product

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