PRO EDU - Master Collection - 100 3D Lut Profiles For Capture One Pro

PRO EDU - Master Collection - 100 3D Lut Profiles For Capture One Pro

What if you could alter the way your camera sees? Actually change the RAW image at the capture level? We aren't talking about applying a preset in place just to play with sliders until you are happy. 3D LUTS change the image's starting point. You can now start with new color infused shadows. Begin with highlights and tones pushed beyond your camera's abilities and your editing software's capabilities. Where would you take an image that began where you always wished it could? 3D LUTS's are like capturing an image at the RAW level with an advanced color grade.

Welcome to our reimagined LUTs for Capture One Pro. We started by designing these color profiles in a very powerful 3rd party LUT designer and then formatting the cube files to work with  Capture One Pro, allowing you to begin your editing from an entirely starting point. Although you will find the LUTs under the user styles menu, they act in a completely different way. No sliders will move, none of the program settings will change like they do with presets, but everything will look different. We have designed these profiles to have four different starting strengths available for each LUT, you can push your images intensity to the extreme or give it a soft kiss of colors. From there, you develop like you always have tapped into the raw power that Capture One brings to the table. 


So the only question that remains is, are you ready to start with a new beginning? These 3D Luts for Capture One Pro Reimagine everything!


The Master Collection combines the following packs with 4 different strengths each giving you 400 LUTS: Candy Cigarettes, Cocaine Roller Derby, Daily Bread, Monochrome, Northwest Haze, Psychedelic Shores, Rosemary, Silver Screen, Sterling, and Vintage Brooklyn. These 3D LUTs were made to work with a specific type of image, and some actually cross over to work on a wide variety of image types.


This extremely diverse pack of 3D Color Profiles gives photographers, retouchers, art directors, and artists the ability to easily create powerful looks and color grades at the RAW level, to help achieve their creative vision with great detail, depth, and speed. The color grading profiles were created using 3D LUT Creator, targeting colors as well as different levels of saturation and luminosity.


With creative profiles you can now do your color grading first, before the cleanup, dodge & burn, frequency separation, and other general retouching work traditionally done before the color grade.


Required Software: Capture One Pro


PRO EDU - Master Collection - 100 3D Lut Profiles For Capture One Pro

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