✔️21 Video Tutorials (Over 5 hours -  English Language)
✔️Original raw photos to work on
✔️Edited photos
✔️Over 60 Photoshop Actions
✔️Over 500 Lightroom Presets
✔️Over 500 Camera Raw Presets
✔️Over 380 Overlays

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KelbyOne - Using the Weather to Enhance Your Landscape Images with Ian Plant
Use weather creatively in your landscape photography! Join Ian Plant to learn why weather is critical to your success, how to become a weather master, which weather events to incorporate into your photography, creative weather compositions, and a few digital darkroom techniques for enhancing the scene. By the end of the class you’ll have the tools to bring the landscape and weather together to create photographs that standout and get noticed!

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Kreativ Wedding - Lightroom presets Vol 5 Editing Pack

Lightroom + Mobile Presets | Tutorial-Workshop
Yay!!! Our new Presets are finally after 2 years here. This time there are not just our Presets, this product is our complete editing Workflow.
Our goal is that you can achieve the best result in the shortest time. For that reason, this Presets Pack is more a creative wedding editing pack! We’ll explain in a tutorial exactly how we use our Presets and Tools to get the perfect result. There are no secrets. This time there are 4 Presets that we have been using permanently for over a year + a b/w Preset. The filters are all quite similar but we use all four 100% at all the weddings we attend. You also get our radial gradient & brush filter. These are also used in many of our pictures. In addition, the Mobile Presets from the desktop Presets are also included the pack.


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Jerry Ghionis. I.C.E. Society - Chapter 73

The latest installment of Monika & Jonny's wedding coverage showcases Jerry's expertise in utilizing light to enhance bridal portraits. Filmed at a picturesque mansion in Sydney, Jerry emphasizes the pivotal role of light selection in achieving captivating images. This segment also features Jerry's creation of another award-winning photograph, underscoring his exceptional skill and creativity. In the Posing & Lighting segment, Jerry tackles a unique challenge: crafting a stunning portrait using everyday items, offering valuable insights for wedding photographers. The Advice section provides critiques and analysis of member submissions, including complete albums and potential competition entries. Devon takes center stage as the Ice Queen, with Jerry capturing stunning images in challenging lighting conditions on an LA sidewalk. Practice explores diverse light sources, from bounced light to specialized techniques like Ice Lighting and flash. In Tip of the Iceberg, Jerry shares his updated process for delivering same-day slideshows to wedding clients, enhancing their experience. Icing on the Cake delves into techniques for adding depth and dimension to images, with Jerry discussing principles of broad and narrow lighting in portraiture. Additionally, Jerry offers a practical tip for creating shadows on faces when photographing in open areas. This comprehensive segment offers invaluable insights and techniques for photographers of all levels, showcasing Jerry's expertise and innovation in the field.



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Sweet Soul Studios - Love Tabitha Edit


Join me as I showcase the intricacies of image editing in Photoshop, employing diverse techniques such as the Camera Raw filter and AI generative fill. Experience firsthand the transformation as I enhance this image, step by step, revealing the power of post-processing. For an interactive learning experience, grab the RAW file and edit alongside me, delving into the nuances of digital manipulation. Whether you're a novice seeking to refine your skills or a seasoned pro looking for fresh insights, this tutorial promises valuable insights into the art of image editing. Unlock the potential of your photos and elevate your editing prowess with this immersive session.

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Jerry Ghionis. I.C.E. Society - Chapter 106

In this installment of Jerry Ghionis's photography series, viewers are treated to a comprehensive exploration of various photographic techniques and insights:

1. **Ice Pick - Sarah and Neal Wedding**: Jerry takes us behind the scenes of Sarah and Neal's wedding, showcasing his unique approach to capturing special moments and emotions. Through his lens, he immortalizes the love and joy of the couple's union, offering a glimpse into the artistry of wedding photography.
2. **Posing & Lighting - Reflectors**: Dive into the world of posing and lighting with Jerry as he demonstrates the effective use of reflectors to sculpt light and shape portraits. From enhancing natural light to creating dramatic effects, Jerry's expertise shines through as he shares tips and techniques for achieving stunning results.
3. **Advice**: Drawing from his wealth of experience, Jerry provides valuable advice for aspiring photographers. Whether it's practical tips for shooting or insights into building a successful photography business, his wisdom serves as a guiding light for photographers on their journey.
4. **Ice Queen - Ariana**: Witness the transformation of Ariana into the captivating Ice Queen as Jerry showcases his talent for creating ethereal and enchanting portraits. Through careful composition and lighting, he captures the beauty and grace of his subject, transporting viewers into a realm of fantasy and elegance.
5. **Practice - Cropping**: Explore the power of cropping in photography as Jerry demonstrates how strategic cropping can enhance composition and storytelling. By carefully selecting framing and perspective, he reveals how even small adjustments can make a big impact on the overall visual narrative.
6. **Tip of the Iceberg - Lessons I Have Learned**: Reflecting on his journey as a photographer, Jerry shares valuable lessons and insights gained throughout his career. From technical skills to personal growth, these lessons serve as inspiration for photographers seeking to improve their craft and elevate their artistry.
7. **Icing on the Cake**: Concluding the series, Jerry leaves viewers with a final touch of inspiration or technique to elevate their photography. Whether it's a creative idea or a practical tip, the icing on the cake adds a flourish of creativity and innovation to Jerry's teachings.

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Daniel Kordan - Nature\'s Times - Sunset Sunrise! Photo Editing Course
Daniel Kordan's "Nature's Times - Sunset Sunrise" is a comprehensive photo editing course designed to help photographers master the art of capturing stunning landscape images during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. With his extensive experience as a professional landscape photographer, Daniel shares his expert techniques and insights to help participants elevate their photography skills to new heights.  Throughout the course, participants will learn essential editing techniques using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance and transform their landscape images. From adjusting exposure and color balance to fine-tuning composition and adding creative effects, Daniel guides students through each step of the editing process with clarity and precision.


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Karl Taylor Photography - One-Light Lipstick Product Shoot
In this product photography class Karl demonstrates how to shoot a close up product shot of lipsticks in red paint using a one light setup.  Meticulous thought and planning were required for this shoot as there would only be one opportunity to get the shot. You’ll see each stage of this shoot, including planning, testing, lighting and shooting. You’ll also learn more about tilt-shift photography and how to use tilt-shift for product photography.


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Joakim Karlsson Photography - Swedish Summer
In this tutorial, I demonstrate my approach to color grading using Lightroom, with some final touches in Photoshop. The bulk of the color grading process occurs in Lightroom, where I manipulate various settings to achieve the desired look. I focus on adjusting aspects like exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, and color tones to create a cohesive and visually appealing result. Additionally, I provide insights into how Camera Raw users can replicate these techniques, as the tool layout in Camera Raw mirrors that of Lightroom.  Once the color grading is complete, I move to Photoshop for minor adjustments and skin retouching. In Photoshop, I fine-tune the colors further and perform skin retouching using dodge and burn techniques to enhance the overall appearance. This comprehensive tutorial covers the entire workflow from start to finish, ensuring that photographers of all skill levels can follow along and achieve professional-grade results.  Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer looking to refine your color grading skills, this tutorial offers valuable insights and techniques to elevate your images and bring your creative vision to life.


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Emmett Sparling - The Master Collection (Tutorial + Presets)

Emmett Sparling - The Master Collection (Tutorial + Presets)
Emmett Sparling - The Master Collection (Tutorial + Presets)

Video + Presets
Includes all 41 desktop presets from Atlas, Orion, Titan and Europa, and 27 mobile versions from those collections.

I've been working on this collection over the past 9 months- tweaking, editing and perfecting each preset so they work on as many different photos as possible. These presets will not only act as a starting base to begin your edits, but also as an effective way for you to learn how to edit by breaking down each preset.

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SkillShare - Nightscapes: Landscape Astrophotography - 1154715981

Gain a new perspective on your universe that most people will never experience firsthand. This class will teach you all the tools necessary to photograph beautiful nighttime landscapes under the Milky Way.


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Intro to Cyanotypes: Creating Beautiful Botanical Prints with Ease

Want to create beautiful prints using the power of the sun? Join me to learn how with cyanotypes!

In this class you will learn how to create a set of botanical prints using the oldest photographic printing method to date: cyanotype printing. I will walk you through the process, step-by-step so that you gain an understanding of both the process as well as the elements that contribute to a strong composition. You'll learn everything from:

  • Choosing the right supplies for the process
  • Preparing and drying your paper to set the foundation
  • Selecting your botanicals for your artwork
  • Exposing your prints to create the final piece

Whether you're completely new to the process or have some experience and want to learn a few tips and tricks, this class has got something for you.


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Domestika - Landscape Photography: Research and Storytelling
Domestika - Landscape Photography: Research and Storytelling

Audio: Italian
Sub: Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Polish, Dutch
Develop your photographic vision and learn to carry out a landscape photography project, focusing on research, concept development, and location scouting

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Jerry Ghionis. I.C.E. Society - Chapter 62

In this month's Ice Pick, dive into the captivating world of boudoir photography with Jerry's personal project set in the historic Cuneo Mansion in Chicago. Jerry's expertise shines as he navigates the intimate art of boudoir photography, capturing the essence of sensuality and elegance.

Witness firsthand how Jerry utilizes the innovative Westcott Ice Light, a product he helped design, to elevate the ambiance and lighting of the shoot. Explore the intricacies of posing as Jerry meticulously guides his model, ensuring perfection in every shot, where nothing is obscured by clothing, demanding meticulous attention to detail.

In the "Posing & Lighting" segment, discover Jerry's transformative approach as he turns ordinary sunlight and architectural elements into breathtaking bride and groom portraits, showcasing his mastery of light and composition.

Gain valuable insights in the "Advice" segment, where Jerry provides critiques of Pro Member's work, offering constructive feedback to enhance their skills and techniques.

Experience the allure of bridal photography in "Ice Queen" with captivating layouts from a recent client's album, designed by Jerry himself.

Delve into the behind-the-scenes process in "Practice," as Jerry unveils images from a London workshop, revealing the creative vision and technical expertise behind each stunning shot.

Unlock the secrets to business success with a customizable client contract in "Tip of the Iceberg," designed to streamline operations and protect your business interests.

Cap off the journey with "Icing on the Cake," as Jerry delves into the nuances of off-camera flash, providing valuable insights to elevate your photography to new heights.


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Sweet Soul Studios - May Newborn
In this captivating offer, Sweet Soul Studios presents an exclusive opportunity to witness the artistry of newborn photography firsthand. With meticulous attention to detail, the studio showcases the intricate process of editing an image in real-time, transforming it into a masterpiece that exudes the innocence and purity of newborn skin.  Through this immersive experience, viewers are treated to a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation of a stunning mood that resonates with every parent's desire to immortalize precious moments on their walls. The studio's expertise shines as they skillfully manipulate light, color, and texture to craft an enchanting ambiance that captivates the heart and soul.  By unveiling the secrets behind their craft, Sweet Soul Studios empowers aspiring photographers and parents alike to unlock the potential of newborn photography. Whether it's mastering the art of skin retouching or mastering the nuances of mood creation, this offering promises to elevate one's skills and appreciation for the art form.  Step into the realm of Sweet Soul Studios and embark on a journey of creativity, inspiration, and boundless possibilities in the world of newborn photography.


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Kelly Brown - Advanced Posing for Newborns
"Kelly Brown - Advanced Posing for Newborns" is an online course offered by Kelly Brown, a renowned expert in newborn photography. This course is designed to provide photographers with advanced techniques and strategies for posing newborns during photoshoots. With Kelly Brown's guidance, participants will learn how to create stunning and professional newborn portraits that capture the innocence and beauty of these precious moments.  Through the course, participants will gain access to a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics related to posing newborns. Kelly Brown shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise, offering valuable insights into posing techniques, safety considerations, and artistic approaches to newborn photography. Participants will learn how to work with different props, fabrics, and lighting setups to achieve desired poses and compositions.  The course is suitable for photographers of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced professionals looking to enhance their posing skills. With Kelly Brown's step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, participants can gain confidence in their ability to handle and pose newborns safely and effectively.  Participants can access the course content through the Newborn Posing website, allowing for convenient learning at their own pace. Additionally, the course may include bonus materials such as downloadable resources and behind-the-scenes videos to further enhance the learning experience.  Overall, "Kelly Brown - Advanced Posing for Newborns" offers a valuable resource for photographers seeking to elevate their newborn photography skills and create breathtaking portraits that families will cherish for a lifetime.

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Maternity Photography 101 by Ana Brandt
"Maternity Photography 101" by Ana Brandt is a comprehensive online course designed to equip photographers with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in maternity photography. this course offers valuable insights and practical tips directly from Ana Brandt, a renowned expert in maternity photography.  Throughout the course, Ana Brandt shares her expertise and experience, covering essential topics such as posing techniques, lighting setups, wardrobe selection, and creating a comfortable environment for expectant mothers. By following Ana's guidance, photographers can learn how to capture stunning maternity portraits that celebrate the beauty and essence of pregnancy.  The course is suitable for photographers of all skill levels, whether beginners looking to enter the world of maternity photography or experienced professionals seeking to enhance their techniques. With Ana's clear instructions and demonstrations, participants can gain confidence in their ability to create memorable maternity images that clients will cherish for a lifetime.  Participants can access the course content on Ana Brandt's website, making it convenient to learn at their own pace and revisit key concepts as needed. Whether aspiring to specialize in maternity photography or simply looking to expand their skill set, "Maternity Photography 101" offers a valuable resource for photographers seeking to capture the magic of pregnancy through their lens.


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Max Rive Photography - From Start to Finish: DOLOMITESMax Rive Photography - From Start to Finish + Panorama Technique
Unique technique of this video: Color Painting, Color Object painting, Adding Mist, Highlight recovery, manual distortion removal - manual perspective control - selective color + color balance techniques - adding light from the side - unique contrast control technique - preparing photo for Instagram for best engagement

An all NEW processing video with next generation processing workflow: adding realistic looking light on the side: in camera raw and photoshop. Also dodge and burning from different photos, perfect color balance, creating seperation with selective colors. manual distortion removal, warping for Instagram Crop, resizing with manual sharpening and more. This video is meant to create the best image quality possible and has a duration for 4 hours. This technique is different than the layer mask technique.

Put your post processing to the next level thanks to this demonstration of never seen before techniques. During the first part of my Start to finish tutorial the RAW file will be processed with Camera Raw. After the RAW file various techniques will be explained and demonstrated such as my Unique Contrast Control, 2 jpegs from 1 Raw File, Advanced Dodge and Burning, Perfect Selective Color Control, Ultimate Color Balance and Advanced Vignetting.

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Jerry Ghionis. I.C.E. Society - Chapter 105

"Ice Pick" offers an intriguing peek into the world of photography with its latest installment: a sexy couple's session. Note: This session contains partial nudity, adding a touch of boldness to the mix.

In the "Posing & Lighting" segment, viewers will witness the artistry of posing and lighting techniques tailored specifically for capturing the essence of intimacy and sensuality between couples. From subtle gestures to dramatic lighting, every detail contributes to the allure of the images.

"Advice" provides valuable insights from experienced professionals, offering guidance on various aspects of photography, from composition to client interaction.

"Ice Queen - Pia" showcases the elegance and beauty of model Pia as she embodies the role of the Ice Queen, exuding confidence and grace amidst a captivating backdrop.

In "Practice," viewers will learn how to harness the power of sunlight in multiple ways, exploring different techniques to create stunning visual effects.

"Tip of the Iceberg" delves into the intricacies of pricing strategies, offering tips and tricks to maximize profitability and client satisfaction.

Finally, "Icing on the Cake" provides the finishing touch, revealing secrets to elevate images from good to exceptional, leaving viewers inspired and eager to apply their newfound knowledge.


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Street Photography: An In-Depth and Complete Guide

This in-depth street photography course is designed to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about the craft.

It’s my intention to help you find and refine your own unique artistic voice through the art of street photography and pass on all of the knowledge and experience that I’ve acquired so that you feel inspired and confident enough to consistently create powerful, meaningful, interesting street photographs.

The course is broken up into 9 chapters, which is broken up into even smaller sub-chapters along the way, so that you can tick off each lesson as you go.

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Daniel Greenwood Photography - Composite Photography Blending Tutorial

"Delve into the depths of my photography workflow with the ultimate guide, spanning from inception to finalization. This comprehensive video encapsulates every facet of my process, beginning with RAW adjustments and culminating in intricate layer masking and composite techniques. Whether you're a novice or seasoned professional, this tutorial provides invaluable insights into my methodology, empowering you to unlock boundless creativity in your imagery.  Experience firsthand the nuances of blending as I meticulously detail each step, demystifying complex techniques and offering practical tips along the way. Despite its age, this video remains a potent resource for mastering the art of blending and compositing photography, showcasing timeless principles that transcend temporal boundaries.  By immersing yourself in my workflow, you'll gain a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in crafting captivating imagery. From basic adjustments to advanced compositing, this tutorial equips you with the knowledge and skills to unleash your creative potential and create imagery that knows no bounds. Embrace the power of this timeless tutorial and embark on a journey towards limitless expression in your photography."


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Jerry Ghionis. I.C.E. Society - Chapter 112
"Ice Society, the ultimate hub for photography enthusiasts, offers a diverse array of resources and insights to elevate your craft. Dive into the world of portrait photography with the captivating 'Ice Pick - Shea Portrait Session,' where master photographer Shea showcases his expertise, guiding you through the intricacies of capturing stunning portraits.

Unlock the secrets of creative posing and lighting techniques with 'Seeing Outside the Box,' a comprehensive tutorial designed to expand your artistic horizons. Gain invaluable advice from industry veterans through 'Advice,' where seasoned professionals share their wisdom and experiences to help you navigate the photography landscape.

Explore the artistry of portrait photography in confined spaces with 'Ice Queen - Kellie,' as you learn to overcome challenges and create compelling images regardless of limitations. Elevate your business acumen with 'Tip of the Iceberg,' a practical guide to keeping your financials organized and maximizing profitability.

Discover the transformative power of location scouting in 'Icing on the Cake,' where you'll uncover strategies to overcome lighting obstacles and harness the full potential of any setting. With Ice Society, embark on a journey of photographic mastery, where every session, tutorial, and tip brings you one step closer to realizing your artistic vision."


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Chris and Ruth Photography - The Couple Shoot Edition

"Our Couple Shoot Edition emphasizes portrait photography, showcasing it as one of our primary strengths. We guide readers through the preparation process for both ourselves and the couples, ensuring a consistent delivery of exceptional results. Additionally, readers have the opportunity to virtually participate in two live couple shoots, witnessing firsthand our approach to capturing natural and authentic moments. During these sessions, we demonstrate our interaction techniques with couples, fostering a comfortable environment conducive to genuine expressions.  Furthermore, participants will gain insight into our post-production workflow as we edit multiple images from the aforementioned shoots. This hands-on experience provides invaluable learning opportunities, allowing individuals to understand the nuances of our editing process and how it contributes to the final aesthetic.  Overall, our Couple Shoot Edition offers a comprehensive exploration of portrait photography, from preparation to execution and post-processing. By joining us on this journey, readers can enhance their skills and replicate our success in producing captivating couple and engagement portraits."


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Lisset Perrier Photography - Photoshop Edit
In this tutorial, we'll explore the art of editing natural light portraits in Photoshop to achieve a light, bright, and airy aesthetic that enhances the glow of your images. Specifically tailored for outdoor photography, this technique employs a combination of camera raw curves, lab adjustments, dodge and burn tools, and more to create captivating results.  Throughout the tutorial, we'll delve into the intricacies of each editing step, providing clear instructions on how to manipulate light and color to evoke a soft and ethereal atmosphere in your portraits. From enhancing highlights and shadows to fine-tuning color tones, you'll learn essential techniques for transforming ordinary outdoor images into stunning works of art.  Whether you're a seasoned photographer looking to refine your editing skills or an aspiring enthusiast eager to elevate your outdoor portraits, this tutorial offers valuable insights and practical tips for achieving a light, bright, and airy look that captivates viewers and brings your images to life. Join us as we unlock the secrets to creating magical portraits in Photoshop.


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SermonBox - The Series Pack Collection

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