Capcut & Chatgpt & Generative Ai Video Editing Masterclass

Published 12/2023
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Capcut Video Editing: Harnessing ChatGPT, Kaiber AI, Runway ML, Leonardo AI, Eleven Labs, Midjourney, DALL-E3, and D-ID


What you'll learn

Unlock ChatGPT's Potential: Master over 4600 prompts, tones, and styles for unique content creation.

Explore AI Video Editing: Learn to integrate Capcut with advanced AI tools like Leonardo AI and Kaiber AI for stunning video effects.

Harness DALL-E3: Dive into image generation with DALL-E3, enhancing video aesthetics and creativity.

Midjourney Mastery: Utilize Midjourney for prompt engineering, transforming images into captivating video prompts.

Innovate with Runway ML: Transform video styles using Runway ML, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Voice Cloning with Eleven Labs: Create multilingual video dubbing and voiceovers using cutting-edge voice cloning technology.

D-ID's Talking Pictures: Bring static images to life with D-ID, adding dynamic elements to your videos.

Capcut Proficiency: Gain comprehensive skills in Capcut for editing, transitions, effects, and audio enhancements.

AI-Powered Scriptwriting: Use ChatGPT for efficient and creative scriptwriting, streamlining your video production process.

3D Video Creation with Leapix: Turn 2D images into 3D versions, adding depth and immersion to your videos.

Animate with Genmo AI: Learn to create engaging video animations using Genmo AI's intuitive tools.

Canva Hacks for Video Editing: Discover Canva's hidden features to enhance your video scenes and assets.


Computer and Internet


"Capcut & ChatGPT & Generative AI Video Editing Masterclass"Embark on a transformative journey into the world of AI-powered video editing with our comprehensive "Capcut & ChatGPT & Generative AI Video Editing Masterclass". This meticulously designed course is your gateway to mastering the art of creating high-quality trailers and videos, a skill highly sought after by influencers, online course creators, and business owners.Course Overview:Introduction to Capcut: Dive into the world of professional video editing with Capcut, understanding its interface and capabilities.AI Content Creation: Explore how AI tools like ChatGPT, with a library of over 4600 prompts, revolutionize content creation.Advanced ChatGPT Techniques: Learn to customize ChatGPT's responses, styles, and tones for unique content.AI Comparisons: Get insights into ChatGPT 3.5, GPT-4, and Google BARD, understanding their unique features and applications.Integrations and Plugins: Discover how ChatGPT can browse the web, process various file formats, and integrate with tools like DALL-E3 for image generation.Building Custom GPT Models: Step into the advanced territory of creating your personalized GPT models for specific tasks.Exploring Midjourney: Understand Midjourney's settings, styles, and its use in prompt engineering for creative outputs.Image to Video Transformation: Learn techniques like face swapping, AI image generation, and converting images to videos using tools like Leonardo AI, Kaiber AI, and Genmo AI.Style Transformation and Voice Cloning: Transform video styles with Runway ML, create talking pictures with D-ID, and clone voices for multilingual dubbing using Eleven Labs.Canva Hacks and Scriptwriting with ChatGPT: Uncover Canva hacks for effective scene creation and use ChatGPT for scripting.Comprehensive Capcut Tutorials: Gain proficiency in Capcut with detailed tutorials covering media, audio, effects, transitions, and more.What You'll Gain:Practical Skills: Hands-on experience in AI video editing, scene creation, and asset organization.Creative Flexibility: Learn to blend AI tools like Midjourney, D-ID, Leonardo AI, and others for unique video effects.Market-Ready Expertise: Equip yourself with the skills to create and sell high-quality videos in today's digital marketplace.Who Should Enroll:Aspiring video editors looking to leverage AI in their work.Content creators and influencers seeking to enhance their video quality.Online business owners wanting to create compelling visual content.Join now and transform your video editing skills with AI!Enroll in the "Capcut & ChatGPT & Generative AI Video Editing Masterclass" today and start your journey towards becoming an AI video editing expert!


Capcut & Chatgpt & Generative Ai Video Editing Masterclass

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